Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dog shows!

When I was a little golden, I used to compete in dog shows. It's really wonderful, you get wonderful treats just for trotting around and looking pretty! We are now training for another kind of show - OBEDIENCE - it's fun, too - except for the DOWN STAY! I keep telling mom - don't look at me if you don't want me to come!!!


  1. Hello cute Hailey! You look so healthy and well! I've been working on obedience for the last couple of years and I do great, but my mom trips all over herself. What a rookie! I haven't yet posted it on my blog, but I have an award for you! Happy Sunday,

  2. Haroo, Hailey!! We iz happee to meet woo. We iz a a golden retriever named Gus, and a great dane named Waldo. Gus tinks woo iz beewootiful!!

    Gus and Waldo